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Gene Review

DHX40  -  DEAH (Asp-Glu-Ala-His) box polypeptide 40

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ARG147, DDX40, DEAH box protein 40, FLJ22060, PAD, ...
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High impact information on DHX40

  • In contrast, substitution of an Arg147 to Ala147 at a substrate-binding site, Arg259 to Ala259 and Ser202 to Pro202, in CPE did not affect the level of [125I]N-POMC1-26 binding when compared with-wild type CPE [1].
  • Sequence analyses of exons 4 + 5 revealed two separate single point mutations: a C --> T transition replacing Arg147 by Trp and a T --> G transition converting Tyr171 to a stop codon [2].
  • The results suggested that limited alpha-chymotrypsin digestion of human serum butyrylcholine esterase resulted in the formation of a approximately 20-kDa enzymatically active fragment with Arg147 as its N-terminal residue and which was devoid of galactose [3].
  • We speculate that, like other members of the DExH/D-box superfamily, DDX40 may play roles in pre-mRNA splicing, ribosome biogenesis and other RNA processing functions [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DHX40

  • Northern blot analysis showed that DDX40 was expressed ubiquitously in the eight tissues examined, implying a general physiological function of the protein [4].


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