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Gene Review

psbF  -  photosystem II reaction center subunit VI

Nicotiana tabacum

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High impact information on psbF

  • In tobacco at this position a phenylalanine codon is present at the DNA level, and the psbF mRNA here is not edited [1].
  • The psbF mRNA is edited in spinach plastids by a C to U conversion, changing a serine to a conserved phenylalanine codon [1].
  • Given that a mutant phenotype is associated with the lack of editing, it seems likely that the evolutionary loss of the site-specific capacity for psbF editing was preceded by the mutation that eliminated the editing requirement [1].
  • This finding confirms that the editing of the psbF mRNA is an essential processing step for protein function and thus provides direct proof for the biological significance of plant organellar RNA editing [1].
  • The psbE and psbF genes encoding the 9.4 and 4.4 kD apoproteins of cytochrome b-559 have been located in the chloroplast genome of barley [2].


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