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Gene Review

ORC2  -  origin recognition complex subunit 2

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATORC2, F13M22.6, F13M22_6, ORIGIN RECOGNITION COMPLEX SECOND LARGEST SUBUNIT 2, origin recognition complex second largest subunit 2
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High impact information on ATORC2/ORC2

  • The orc2 mutant phenotype is partly suppressed by a mutation in the Polycomb group gene MEDEA [1].
  • Nuclear division in the endosperm is arrested at an earlier developmental stage: only approximately four nuclei are detected in orc2 endosperm [1].
  • The highest levels of ORC2 gene expression were found in preglobular embryos, coinciding with the stage at which homozygous orc2 mutant seeds arrest [1].
  • Either alterations in chromatin structure or the release of cell cycle checkpoints by the mea mutation may allow more cell and nuclear divisions to occur in orc2 homozygous seeds [1].
  • The endosperm nuclei in orc2 are dramatically enlarged, a phenotype that is most similar to class B titan mutants, which include mutants in structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) cohesins [1].


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