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Gene Review

HCF152  -  RNA binding protein HCF152

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on HCF152

  • In addition, we found that HCF152 is an RNA binding protein that binds certain areas of the petB transcript [1].
  • These data and additional experiments with the cytochrome b(6)f complex mutant hcf152, which is defective in 3' psbH processing, suggest that only those psbH-containing transcripts that are processed at their -45 5' ends can be translated [2].
  • To understand the molecular mechanism of how HCF152 modulates chloroplast gene expression, the molecular and biochemical properties should be revealed [3].
  • It was found that two HCF152 polypeptides bind to form a homodimer, and that this binding is impaired by a single amino acid substitute near the carboxyl terminus, replacing leucine with proline [3].

Other interactions of HCF152

  • Recombinant HCF152 bound with higher affinity RNA molecules, resembling the petB exon-intron junctions, as well as several other molecules [3].


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