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Gene Review

4CL5  -  4-coumarate--CoA ligase 5

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: 4-coumarate:CoA ligase 5
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High impact information on 4CL4

  • The encoded enzyme, At4CL4, exhibits the rare property of efficiently activating sinapate, besides the usual 4CL substrates (4-coumarate, caffeate, and ferulate), indicating a distinct metabolic function [1].
  • We investigated in detail the wound-induced expression of At4CL1-At4CL4, and found that At4CL1 and At4CL2 mRNA accumulation follows biphasic kinetics over a period of 72 h, while At4CL4 expression is rapidly activated for a period of at least 12 h before declining [2].



With the genome almost sequenced to completeness, it is likely that the full extend of the 4CL gene family in Arabidopsis is limited to the four known and characterised Arath4CL1 to Arath4CL4. A large number of Acyl-CoA ligase like (4CL-like) enzymes has been identified and a few have been characterised to some extend [Souza Cde A, Barbazuk B, Ralph SG, Bohlmann J, Hamberger B, Douglas CJ. PMID: 18627494 [3] and Kienow L, Schneider K, Bartsch M, Stuible HP, Weng H, Miersch O, Wasternack C, Kombrink E. PMID: 18267944 [4]]. Some naming confusion around At4CL4(AT3G21230) is the result of an annotation simply based on homology to existing 4-Coumarate CoA ligases. This annotation is wrong and misleading, as it (i) does not take phylogenetic distances into account and (ii) does not rely on biochemical function of the encoded enzymes. With no acyl-CoA ligase outside of the 4CL family proven to possess 4CL activity, there is to date no bona fide At4CL5. Hence, I suggest to adhere to the correct nomenclature for acyl-CoA ligases introduced by above mentioned Souza et al., (2008) and Arath4CL1 to Arath4CL4 as in the respective literature [Ehlting J, Büttner D, Wang Q, Douglas CJ, Somssich IE, Kombrink E. PMID: 10417722 and Hamberger B, Hahlbrock K. PMID: 14769935 [1]].



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