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Gene Review

4CL2  -  4-coumarate--CoA ligase 2

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: 4-COUMARATE:COA LIGASE, 4-coumarate:CoA ligase 2, AT4CL2
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High impact information on 4CL2


Biological context of 4CL2

  • We investigated in detail the wound-induced expression of At4CL1-At4CL4, and found that At4CL1 and At4CL2 mRNA accumulation follows biphasic kinetics over a period of 72 h, while At4CL4 expression is rapidly activated for a period of at least 12 h before declining [4].
  • Also, At4CL1::GUS transgene silencing was confined to the transgene but At4CL2::GUS silencing extended to the endogenous At4CL2 gene [5].
  • Transgenic Arabidopsis plants containing the At4CL1 or At4CL2 promoter fused to the beta-glucuronidase (GUS) reporter gene show developmentally regulated GUS expression in the xylem tissues of the root and shoot [5].
  • The At4CL2 mutant enzyme K540L carrying a point mutation in the catalytic center that is critical for adenylate intermediate formation was inactive in both p(4)A and diadenosine 5',5''',-P(1),P(4)-tetraphosphate synthesis [6].

Associations of 4CL2 with chemical compounds

  • Substitution of Met(293) or Lys(320), another residue of the putative substrate specificity motif, which in the predicted three-dimensional structure is located in close proximity to Met(293), by smaller amino acids converted At4CL2 to an enzyme capable of using ferulate [3].
  • These results indicate that the cinnamoyl-adenylate intermediate synthesized by At4CL2 not only functions as an intermediate in coenzyme A ester formation but can also act as a cocatalytic AMP-donor in (di)adenosine polyphosphate synthesis [6].


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