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Gene Review

MYB18  -  transcription factor LAF1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: AtMYB18, LAF1, LONG AFTER FAR-RED LIGHT 1, M7J2.70, M7J2_70, ...
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High impact information on AtMYB18

  • Gene expression studies showed that laf1 has reduced responsiveness to continuous far-red light but retains wild-type responses to other light wavelengths [1].
  • As far-red light is only perceived by phyA, our results suggest that LAF1 is specifically involved in phyA signal transduction [1].
  • Here, we describe a new Arabidopsis mutant, laf1 (long after far-red light 1) that has an elongated hypocotyl specifically under far-red light [1].
  • Further analyses revealed that laf1 is affected in a subset of phyA-dependent responses and the phenotype is more severe at low far-red fluence rates [1].
  • Here we show that COP1 functions as an E3 ligase ubiquitinating both itself and the myb transcription activator LAF1, which is required for complete phyA responses [2].

Regulatory relationships of AtMYB18


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