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Gene Review

ALB4  -  protein ALBINA 4

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on ALB4

  • Here we describe ARTEMIS, a nuclear-encoded protein of chloroplast inner envelope membranes that is required for organelle division [1].
  • ARTEMIS represents a so-far-unrecognized link between prokaryotic cell fission and chloroplast division [1].
  • A newly identified protein, ARTEMIS, may shed light on the nuclear control of chloroplast division, and also on the mechanism of thylakoid membrane fission and how this is coordinated with fission of the two envelope membranes [2].
  • This identifies ARTEMIS as a functional member of the Alb3/Oxa1/YidC protein family and suggests the existence of a novel protein sorting pathway in chloroplasts which integrates polypeptides from the stroma into the inner envelope by an evolutionary conserved process [3].


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