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Gene Review

DEK1  -  calpain-type cysteine protease DEK1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on DEK1

  • The predicted 2,159-aa DEK1 protein has 21 transmembrane regions, an extracellular loop, and a cysteine proteinase domain that shares high homology with domain II of m-calpain from animals [1].
  • Our results not only identify a specific role for AtDEK1 during embryogenesis, but underline the potential key importance of L1 specification at the globular stage for subsequent progression through embryogenesis [2].
  • Loss of AtDEK1 function leads to early embryo lethality characterized by a severe loss of cell organization in the embryo proper and abnormal cell divisions within the suspensor [2].
  • The conclusion that the observed phenotype is caused by a T-DNA insertion in the Arabidopsis DEK1 gene is confirmed by complementation with the Arabidopisis DEK1 genomic sequence, as well as analysis of a second T-DNA insertion allele [3].

Biological context of DEK1

  • Mutation in the Arabidopisis thaliana DEK1 calpain gene perturbs endosperm and embryo development while over-expression affects organ development globally [3].
  • Over-expression of the Arabidopsis DEK1 gene coding sequence under the control of the 35S promoter causes a number of developmental phenotypes, including a global lack of trichomes, leaves exhibiting improper dorsiventral symmetry and aberrant cell organization in flowers [3].

Other interactions of DEK1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DEK1


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