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Gene Review

SHS1  -  septin SHS1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: SEP7, Septation protein 7, Seventh homolog of septin 1, YDL225W
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High impact information on SHS1

  • In vitro studies with purified recombinant proteins demonstrated that Elm1 directly phosphorylates and activates Gin4, which in turn phosphorylates Shs1 [1].
  • Polarized Ssk2p associates with the scaffold protein Spa2p in the bud and Shs1p in the neck, allowing Ssk2p to regulate substrates involved in polarized actin assembly [2].
  • Genetic data support the idea that Shs1 is an important target of Gin4 kinase activity [3].
  • The shs1 mutant cells showed cytokinesis deficiency and Shs1p was localized at the bud neck in budded cells [4].
  • Physical interaction between Nis1 and Shs1 in vivo was confirmed by a co-immunoprecipitation experiment [5].

Biological context of SHS1

  • Taken together, these findings suggest that highly regulated protein-binding events ensure that the Gin4 kinase is activated only during mitosis and only in association with Shs1, a likely in vivo substrate of Gin4 [3].

Other interactions of SHS1


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