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Gene Review

ELM1  -  Elm1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Serine/threonine-protein kinase ELM1, YKL048C, YKL261
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High impact information on ELM1

  • These results demonstrate that the Elm1 kinase plays an important role in G(1) events required for bud emergence and septin organization [1].
  • We found that inhibition of Elm1 kinase activity during G(2) results in a phenotype similar to the phenotype caused by deletion of the ELM1 gene, as expected [1].
  • However, inhibition of Elm1 kinase activity earlier in the cell cycle results in a prolonged G(1) delay [1].
  • In budding yeast, the Elm1 kinase is required for coordination of cell growth and cell division at G(2)/M [1].
  • Previous studies have suggested that Elm1 may function to negatively regulate the Swe1 kinase [2].

Biological context of ELM1

  • Cells carrying a deletion of the ELM1 gene undergo a prolonged mitotic delay, fail to negatively regulate polar bud growth during mitosis, and show defects in septin organization [2].
  • Deletion of ELM1 does not give an snf- phenotype [3].
  • We propose a model in which the Elm1 kinase functions in a mitotic signaling network that controls events required for normal bud growth and cytokinesis, while the Swe1 kinase functions in a checkpoint pathway that delays nuclear division in response to defects in these events [2].
  • Elm1p also activated the purified SNF1 complex, and this correlated with phosphorylation of Thr210 in the activation loop [3].
  • A 'signal integration' model for the complex relationship of Elm1 and the RAS/cAMP pathway in controlling morphogenesis in response to nutrients is proposed [4].

Anatomical context of ELM1

  • A triple mutant, delta dhh1 ssd1-d delta elm1, apparently had very fragile cell walls and could grow only in a medium supplemented with 1 M sorbitol [5].

Associations of ELM1 with chemical compounds


Enzymatic interactions of ELM1

  • In vitro studies with purified recombinant proteins demonstrated that Elm1 directly phosphorylates and activates Gin4, which in turn phosphorylates Shs1 [8].

Regulatory relationships of ELM1


Other interactions of ELM1


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