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Gene Review

NBP2  -  Nbp2p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: NAP1-binding protein 2, YDR162C
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High impact information on NBP2

  • Thus, Nbp2 recruits Ptc1 to Pbs2, a scaffold for both negative and positive regulators [1].
  • In addition, the Pbs2 scaffold bound the Nbp2 SH3 via a Pro-rich motif distinct from that which binds the SH3 domain of the positive regulator Sho1 [1].
  • Biochemical analysis showed that Nbp2, like Ptc1, was required to inactivate Hog1 during adaptation [1].
  • This PxxP region also binds another SH3 domain protein, Nbp2, but analysis of bem1Delta versus nbp2Delta strains shows that the signaling defects of PxxP mutants result from impaired binding to Bem1 rather than from impaired binding to Nbp2 [2].
  • We showed that NBP2 functions to promote mitotic cell growth at high temperatures and cell wall integrity [3].

Biological context of NBP2

  • NBP2 encodes a novel protein consisting of 236 amino acids with a Src homology 3 (SH3) domain [3].
  • Loss of Nbp2 results in cell death at high temperatures and in sensitivity to calcofluor white [3].

Other interactions of NBP2

  • Nbp2 targets the Ptc1-type 2C Ser/Thr phosphatase to the HOG MAPK pathway [1].
  • As predicted for an adapter, deletion of NBP2 disrupted Ptc1-Pbs2 complex formation [1].


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