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Gene Review

COQ4  -  Coq4p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Coenzyme Q biosynthesis protein 4, Ubiquinone biosynthesis protein COQ4, mitochondrial, YD8142.01, YDR204W
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High impact information on COQ4

  • Coq7p co-migrates with the Coq3 and Coq4 polypeptides as a high molecular mass complex [1].
  • These studies show that at least two functions can be attributed to Coq5p; first, it is required to catalyze the C-methyltransferase step in Q biosynthesis and second, it is involved in stabilizing the Coq3 and Coq4 polypeptides required for Q biosynthesis [2].
  • Yeast COQ4 encodes a mitochondrial protein required for coenzyme Q synthesis [3].
  • Steady-state levels of COQ4 mRNA were increased during growth on glycerol-containing medium, in accordance with a function in Q biosynthesis [3].
  • Yeast coq4 mutant strains harboring the COQ4 gene on either single- or multicopy plasmids acquired the ability to grow on media containing a nonfermentable carbon source, synthesize Q(6), and respire [3].

Anatomical context of COQ4


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