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Gene Review

RPS0A  -  ribosomal 40S subunit protein S0A

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: 40S ribosomal protein S0-A, NAB1, NAB1A, Nucleic acid-binding protein NAB1A, YGR214W, ...
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High impact information on RPS0A

  • The TIF32-CTD interacted in vitro with helices 16-18 of domain I in 18S rRNA, and the TIF32-NTD and NIP1 interacted with 40S protein RPS0A [1].
  • Yeast homologues of p40/37-LRP are encoded by a duplicated pair of genes, RPS0A and RPS0B [2].
  • Moreover, the growth arrest of TOM1 mutants at elevated temperatures is partially suppressed by overexpression of RPS0A/B [3].
  • Gene sequencing revealed that RTA1 is adjacent to the NAB1 gene which is orientated in an opposite direction and localized on chromosome VII [4].

Anatomical context of RPS0A

  • Compared to wild type, polysome profiles in strains lacking either YST1 or YST2 show a pronounced shift from larger to smaller polysomes [5].

Other interactions of RPS0A

  • Strains with mutant alleles of TOM1 are defective in multiple steps in rRNA processing, and interactions between RPS0A/B and TOM1 stem, in part, from their roles in the maturation of ribosomal subunits [3].


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