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Gene Review

RPS22A  -  ribosomal 40S subunit protein S22A

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: 40S ribosomal protein S22-A, J0355, RP50, RPS24, RPS24A, ...
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High impact information on RPS22A

  • Cloning of the L46 + S24 gene including the intergenic region in a multicopy yeast vector indicated that both genes are transcriptionally active [1].
  • Using constructs in which only the S24 or the L46 gene is present, with or without the intergenic region, we obtained evidence that the intergenic region is indispensable for transcription activation of either gene [1].
  • Northern analysis of the levels of hybrid mRNA demonstrated that the intergenic region can serve as an heterologous promoter when it is in the 'S24-orientation'. Surprisingly, however, when fused in the reverse orientation the intergenic region did hardly confer transcription activity on the fusion gene [1].
  • The open reading frame in both clones contains 390 bases, encoding a deduced polypeptide sequence of 130 amino acids (100% homology between clones) with 76% sequence identity to the N-terminal 37 amino acids of the rat ribosomal protein S15a and 80% identity to the S24 polypeptide of yeast [2].
  • The segment contains a new putative ARS, a new tRNA for threonine, remnants of a solo delta and 24 open reading frames (ORFs) numbered from J0310 to J0355 [3].

Biological context of RPS22A

  • To investigate whether the two RPG-boxes mediate transcription activation of both the L46 and S24 gene, two experimental strategies were followed: cloning of the respective genes on multicopy vectors and construction of fusion genes [1].
  • Unlike most yeast ribosomal protein genes studied so far the genes coding for S24 and L46 are adjacent on the genome [4].


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