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Gene Review

MFT1  -  Mft1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Mitochondrial fusion target protein 1, THO complex subunit MFT1, YML062C
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High impact information on MFT1

  • One of these yeast genes contains an unidentified open reading frame and the other, MFT1, is a gene isolated from a yeast mutant that fails to import a fusion protein into mitochondria [Garrett, J. M., Singh, K. K., Vonder Haar, R. A. & Emr, S. D. (1991) Mol. Gen. Genet. 225, 483-491] [1].
  • Measurement of mitochondrial iron in cells grown in iron-rich medium overexpressing MFT1 or MFT2 show a 2-5-fold increase in iron compared with mitochondria from control cells [2].
  • Finally, this analysis has provided the first sequence information available for several of the acetylated ribosomal proteins and for one non-acetylated ribosomal protein, which is clearly the product of the MFT1 gene (Garrett, J. M., Singh, K. K., Vonder Haar, R. A., and Emr. S. D. (1991) Mol. Gen. Gen. 225, 483-491) [3].
  • The expressions of mammalian fte-1, plant cyc-07 and yeast MFT1 have all been shown to be cell-cycle-regulated and involved in protein synthesis at the level of the ribosome [4].
  • Based upon amino acid sequence comparison, EtS3a is highly homologous to v-fos transformation effector (encoded by the fte-1 gene) and cyc-07 (a plant homologue of fte-1) and similar to the yeast MFT1 (encoded by the mitochondrial fusion targeting gene) [4].

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