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Gene Review

RMI1  -  Rmi1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: NCE4, RecQ-mediated genome instability protein 1, YPL024W
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High impact information on RMI1

  • Cells lacking RMI1 activate the Rad53 checkpoint kinase, undergo a mitotic delay, and display increased relocalization of the recombination repair protein Rad52, indicating the presence of spontaneous DNA damage [1].
  • Consistent with a role for RMI1 in maintaining genome integrity, rmi1Delta cells exhibit increased recombination frequency and increased frequency of gross chromosomal rearrangements [1].
  • We propose that the DNA binding specificity of Rmi1 plays a role in targeting Sgs1-Top3 to appropriate substrates [2].
  • We show that Rmi1 forms a heteromeric complex with Sgs1-Top3 in yeast and that these proteins interact directly in a recombinant system [2].
  • Biochemical studies demonstrate that recombinant Rmi1 is a structure-specific DNA binding protein with a preference for cruciform structures [2].

Regulatory relationships of RMI1


Other interactions of RMI1

  • In addition, rmi1Delta strains fail to fully activate Rad53 upon exposure to DNA-damaging agents, suggesting that Rmi1 is also an important part of the Rad53-dependent DNA damage response [1].


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