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Gene Review

TIP41  -  Tip41p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: PP2A phosphatase activator TIP41, TAP42-interacting protein 1, Type 2A phosphatase activator TIP41, YP3085.04, YPR040W
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High impact information on TIP41

  • TIP41 interacts with TAP42 and negatively regulates the TOR signaling pathway [1].
  • Here, we describe TIP41, a conserved TAP42-interacting protein involved in the regulation of SIT4 [1].
  • When TOR is inactivated by rapamycin treatment or nitrogen starvation, downstream effectors of TOR such as the serine/threonine protein kinase NPR1 and the TAP42 interacting protein TIP41 are dephosphorylated in a SIT4-dependent manner [2].

Biological context of TIP41

  • The phosphorylation state of NPR1 and TIP41 provides a convenient readout in yeast to assay for TOR and SIT4 activities under growth-promoting or growth-inhibitory conditions [2].

Regulatory relationships of TIP41

  • Effects of Tap42p inactivation and rapamycin addition could be suppressed by deletion of TIP41, which encodes a Tap42p-interacting protein [3].

Other interactions of TIP41

  • According to the model, excess nitrogen stimulates Tor1,2 to phosphorylate Tip41 and/or Tap42 [4].


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