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Gene Review

fliF  -  flagellar MS-ring protein

Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

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Disease relevance of fliF


High impact information on fliF

  • P. aeruginosa mutants pilA and fliF, but not rpoN, colonized normal respiratory xenografts, indicating that colonization and infection in this model depend on an uncharacterized RpoN-controlled gene [2].
  • The site of the transposon insertion in PAK-RR20 was localized to a gene which is homologous to the fliF gene of other organisms and was flanked by other motility-related genes, fliE and fliG [1].
  • Since complementation could have been due to the presence of an internal promoter in the fliF gene or in the Tn5G transposon, which allowed the transcription of the downstream genes, another chromosomal mutant of the fliF gene was constructed by insertional inactivation with an antibiotic resistance cassette [1].


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