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Gene Review

fliE  -  flagellar hook-basal body protein FliE

Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

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High impact information on fliE

  • The complete nucleotide sequences of the fliE and fliF genes and a partial nucleotide sequence of the fliG gene of P. aeruginosa were determined [1].
  • The site of the transposon insertion in PAK-RR20 was localized to a gene which is homologous to the fliF gene of other organisms and was flanked by other motility-related genes, fliE and fliG [1].
  • The genes are located upstream from fliE, a flagellar gene of P. aeruginosa, and they are arranged in a putative fleSR operon [2].
  • FleQ and RpoN positively regulate expression of flhA, fliE, fliL, and fleSR genes, among others [3].
  • DNase I footprinting was performed to determine the FleQ binding sites on flhA, fliE, fliL, and fleSR promoters [3].

Biological context of fliE

  • Replacing this region in fliE promoter with a HindIII recognition sequence abolished the transcription, indicating that this region responds to transcription activation by FleQ [4].


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