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Gene Review

pfeR  -  two-component response regulator PfeR

Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

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High impact information on pfeR

  • The predicted products of pfeR and pfeS (molecular weight 26,796 and 50,597, respectively) exhibited a high degree of homology to response-regulator and sensor components, respectively, of the superfamily of prokaryotic environmentally responsive protein pairs [1].
  • Furthermore, a pfeR mutant obtained by in vitro mutagenesis and gene replacement failed to express PfeA despite the presence of enterobactin in the culture medium [1].
  • A pfeR knockout mutant failed to demonstrate enterobactin-inducible expression of a pfeA-lacZ fusion, indicating that PfeR acts at the level of pfeA gene expression [2].
  • A region showing homology to the consensus binding sequence for the global iron repressor Fur was identified upstream of pfeR, suggesting that the pfeRS operon is iron regulated [2].

Biological context of pfeR


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