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Gene Review

rpsL  -  30S ribosomal protein S12

Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

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Disease relevance of rpsL


High impact information on rpsL

  • Although such resistance is often mediated by mutations within rrs, a 16S rRNA gene or rpsL, which encodes the ribosomal protein S12, these mutations are found in a limited proportion of clinically isolated streptomycin-resistant M. tuberculosis strains [2].
  • We have demonstrated that five singly SmR M. tuberculosis strains and an SmR isolate that has reduced sensitivity to multiple antibiotics have identical point mutations at codon 43 of the rpsL gene [1].
  • In contrast, two other multiple drug-resistant M. tuberculosis strains that are resistant to Sm have rpsL genes that have the same nucleotide sequence as their drug-sensitive parent strains, suggesting that different resistance mechanisms are involved in these strains [1].
  • RFLP analysis for katG and direct DNA sequencing of rpoB and rpsL may be practical methods for routine use in clinical microbiology laboratories or molecular pathology laboratories with good molecular capabilities and autosequencers [3].
  • RFLP analysis of the rpsL gene detected only nine (28.1%) of 32 streptomycin-resistant strains, while direct DNA sequencing detected nearly 68% of streptomycin-resistant strains [3].

Biological context of rpsL

  • Of the 98 SM-resistant isolates, 78 (79.6%) had missense mutations in codon 43 or 88 of rpsL resulting in a Lys to Arg substitution, 6 (6.1%) had mutations of the rrs gene at positions 513 A to C or T or 516 C to T, and 14 (14.3%) had the wild-type sequence [4].

Associations of rpsL with chemical compounds


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