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Gene Review

RPS12  -  ribosomal protein S12

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 40S ribosomal protein S12, S12
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Disease relevance of RPS12


High impact information on RPS12

  • The functional rps12 protein must be imported from the cytoplasm since the deleted sequences of this gene are not found in the Oenothera mitochondrial genome [3].
  • Part of the well-conserved ribosomal protein gene rps12 also encoded downstream of nad3 in other plants, is lost in Oenothera mitochondria by recombination events [3].
  • A Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Facilitates the trans-Splicing of the Maize Chloroplast rps12 Pre-mRNA [4].
  • Microarray analysis of RNA that coimmunoprecipitates with PPR4 showed that PPR4 is associated in vivo with the first intron of the plastid rps12 pre-mRNA, a group II intron that is transcribed in segments and spliced in trans. ppr4 mutants were recovered through a reverse-genetic screen and shown to be defective for rps12 trans-splicing [4].
  • However, because only the edited translation products accumulate in mitochondrial ribosomes, the overall expression of rps12 is rendered coherent by the selection[5]

Biological context of RPS12

  • These results allow the distinct possibility of employing the ribosomal protein S12 gene as an early molecular diagnostic identifier for the screening of human cervical cancer and a potential target employed for cancer gene therapy trials [6].
  • To test whether multiple forms of RPS12 proteins are produced in petunia mitochondria as a result of partial editing, we probed mitochondrial proteins with specific antibodies against edited and unedited forms of a 13-amino-acid RPS12 peptide spanning two amino acids affected by RNA editing [7].
  • During evolution the maize mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit 12 (rps12) gene recombined with intron 1 of the ribosomal protein subunit 3 (rps3) gene and a region of the S1-like sequence of the 2.3 kb plasmid [8].
  • These recombinations created a second copy of an internal portion of the rps12 gene, known as rps12b, which includes the first four editing sites of rps12 transcripts [8].
  • Instead, P(0) is an artifact of cross-amplification caused by a pseudogene of the highly expressed ribosomal protein S12 gene Rps12 [9].

Anatomical context of RPS12

  • Moreover, we show that RPS12 proteins recognized by both edited-specific and unedited-specific antibodies are present in a petunia mitochondrial ribosome fraction [7].

Associations of RPS12 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of RPS12


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