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Gene Review

virD4  -  cag island protein, DNA transfer protein

Helicobacter pylori J99

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Disease relevance of virD4


High impact information on virD4

  • BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The roles of the virD4 and the cagG genes in the cag pathogenicity island of Helicobacter pylori for gastroduodenal pathogenesis are unclear and their roles in vivo have not been examined [1].
  • Translocation of CagA was dependent on functional cagA gene and virulence (vir) genes of a type IV secretion apparatus composed of virB4, virB7, virB10, virB11 and virD4 encoded in the cag PAI of H. pylori [2].
  • Here we describe a new 16.3-kb segment, 7 of whose 16 open reading frames are homologs of type IV secretion genes (virB4, virB7 to virB11, and virD4), the third such putative secretion gene cluster found in H. pylori [3].
  • Twenty-two (88%) children were cagT positive and 19 (76%) virD4 positive [4].


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