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Gene Review

DPOL  -  DNA polymerase

Bovine herpesvirus 4

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Disease relevance of DPOL

  • From these data, the PLHVs can be firmly classified to the subfamily Gammaherpesvirinae: To find a natural reservoir for the PLHVs, organs of feral pigs were screened with five different PCR assays, targetting either the DPOL gene or 3'-flanking sequences [1].
  • This sequence showed a high percentage of identity with the DNA polymerase genes of herpesviruses of the oncogenic subfamily Gammaherpesvirinae [2].

High impact information on DPOL

  • The PLHV ORFs downstream of DPOL exhibited 83% identity to each other and >>50% similarity to ORF A5, the position equivalent of AlHV-1 [1].
  • Initially, samples of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), spleens, lungs, kidneys and livers of pigs from Germany and Spain were tested with a PCR assay which targets conserved regions of the herpesvirus DNA polymerase gene with degenerate and deoxyinosine-substituted primers [2].


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