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Disease relevance of Gammaherpesvirinae


High impact information on Gammaherpesvirinae

  • Open reading frame 31 (ORF31) is conserved among the Beta- and Gammaherpesvirinae subfamily, and there is no known mammalian homologue of this protein [4].
  • Phylogenetic trees for both single-gene and concatenated alignments were evaluated thoroughly by maximum-likelihood methods, with each of the three herpesvirus subfamilies (the Alpha-, Beta-, and Gammaherpesvirinae) examined independently [5].
  • These are new characteristics with regard to the general features of gB in the Gammaherpesvirinae subfamily [6].
  • In all cases the three recognised subfamilies (Alpha-, Beta- and Gammaherpesvirinae), and major sublineages in each subfamily, were clearly distinguished, but within sublineages some finer details of branching were incompletely resolved [7].
  • All sequences (gB, DPOL and TERM) showed a close relationship with the corresponding genes of the Gammaherpesvirinae [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gammaherpesvirinae


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