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Gene Review

vncS  -  histidine kinase VncS

Streptococcus pneumoniae R6

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Disease relevance of vncS

  • Experimental meningitis caused by the vncS mutant failed to respond to vancomycin [1].
  • Deletion of vncS inhibits autolysis and also decreases killing by unrelated antibiotics [2].

High impact information on vncS

  • Thus, this tolerance effect resulted from changes in cell growth or other erythromycin-dependent phenomena and not inactivation of vncS per se [3].
  • A model was advanced proposing that the tolerance phenotype resulted from the inability of a vncS mutant to respond to the Vex-transported Pep27 "death peptide" signal and dephosphorylate VncR, thereby preventing relief of repression of autolytic and other cell death functions in response to antibiotics [3].
  • Although several genes contributing to antibiotic tolerance among pneumococci have been identified, those important in the clinical arena thus far are in a single gene cluster, vex/pep27/vncS/vncR [4].


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