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Gene Review

mutY  -  adenine DNA glycosylase

Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933

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Disease relevance of mutY


High impact information on mutY

  • Strong mutator phenotypes of cells defective in both mutM and mutY genes or ones lacking mutT gene were completely suppressed under the anaerobic condition, indicative of an absence of hydroxyl radicals in the cells [3].
  • In contrast, the ung and mutY mutants did not show higher frequencies of intergenomic recombination or greater sensitivity to UV-induced DNA damage than the wild type [2].
  • The H. pylori mutY open reading frame contains an eight-adenine homonucleotide tract; we provide evidence that this is subject to slipped-strand mispairing, leading to frameshifts that eliminate gene function [2].

Biological context of mutY

  • In addition, H. pylori mutY mutants are only 30% as efficient as wild-type in colonizing the stomach of mice, indicating that H. pylori MutY plays a significant role in oxidative DNA damage repair in vivo [4].


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