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Social Values

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High impact information on Social Values

  • This suggests that patients with COPD do not seem to adapt by means of changing their value orientation [1].
  • There is also a concern that a reliance on EBM in health policy will occur at the expense of widely shared social values like equity and solidarity [2].
  • This study integrates social value orientation (Messick & McClintock, 1968) and the consideration of future consequences (CFC; Strathman, Gleicher, Boninger, & Edwards, 1994) within the extended norm activation model of proenvironmental behaviour (Stern, Dietz, & Kalof, 1993) [3].
  • Beginning with Supreme Court opinions that articulate constitutional and social values regarding reproductive autonomy, the Article explores how important new insights from evolutionary biology may supplement an understanding of human procreation [4].
  • This paper examines the impact on adolescence of major cultural changes brought about by the advent of television, the combined threat of Nuclear War and Aids and changes in social values and family structures [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Social Values

  • Cessation of criminal behaviors, regulation of daily living patterns on methadone, increased social productivity, and adoption of new social values were noted [6].


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