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Health Policy

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Associations of Health Policy with chemical compounds

  • Increased research into alternatives to estrogen for menopausal women is of clinical, scientific, and health policy importance [12].
  • The prior existence of nationally endorsed guidelines for safe drinking expressed in terms of standard drinks, recommendations of the National Health Policy on Alcohol and an accumulation of relevant research were crucial elements for success [13].
  • When evaluating antenatal care programs, health policy makers must consider providing an effective preventive drug (either MQ or other drugs identified in additional studies, e.g., sulfa-pyrimethamine compounds) as a means to prevent low birth weight and its consequences [14].
  • The Health Policy and Legislative Awareness Initiative at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine: theory meets practice [15].
  • Both approaches, however, have relevance to health policies that address the risks posed by environmental methylmercury [16].

Gene context of Health Policy

  • We conclude that national autonomy over health policy is not preserved under GATS, and that accordingly, there is a role for international standards that protect public services from the adverse effect of trade and market forces [17].
  • Decreasing costs and improving outcomes in systemic lupus erythematosus: using regression trees to develop health policy [18].
  • STUDY OBJECTIVE: Simple measures of inequalities in health are proposed to facilitate the work of health policy makers and to build on the understanding of health differences between populations [19].
  • A simplistic approach to health policy analysis: the World Bank team on the Indian health sector [20].
  • The Task Force included representatives from physician societies, industry, academia, the reimbursement community, and health policy organizations [21].


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