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History of Medicine

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High impact information on History of Medicine

  • A history of medicine program was first introduced at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 1927 by the internist Lujo Thaller, who became the first lecturer on this subject at Zagreb [1].
  • In addition to her papers on pathology, Abbott also published articles and books on the history of medicine [2].
  • The Cape Doctor, named after the profession as well as the wind that sweeps the Cape Peninsula of dangerous miasmas, is a social history of medicine, seeking to place formal western medicine within its political, social and economic context [3].
  • His Canon of Medicine, one of the most famous books in the history of medicine, surveyed the entire medical knowledge available from ancient and Muslim sources and provided his own contributions [4].
  • The Open University history of medicine CD-ROM [5].

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  • Alone together: managing history of medicine collections in non-historical environments (Part II) [8].
  • A history of medicine in Nova Scotia, 1784-1854 [9].
  • History of medicine in Alaska. Gloria Loree Knowles Park, M.D [10].
  • The history of medicine through the ages has been presented here under different subdivisions, such as The Past, The Middle Ages, The Twelfth century Renaissance and Medicine and the Renaissance (Newton's century) etc [11].
  • The history of medicine in Canada, from the establishment of Quebec by Champlain in 1608 to the ceding of Canada to the British by the French at the Treaty of Paris in 1763, represents one of the most colourful periods in the history of Canadian surgery [12].


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