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High impact information on Angioscopes

  • However, after the use of the uncleaned angioscopes, the transmission rate was 90% (9 of 10) and 70% (7 of 10) after 5 and 10 minutes of contact time, respectively, in 2% glutaraldehyde [1].
  • Endoluminal instruments were then inserted parallel to the angioscope, and luminal defects were corrected [2].
  • An Olympus 2.8mm flexible angioscope was used to inspect the arterial lumen prior to restoration of bloodflow [3].
  • We observed the some plaques could be stained with 5 x 10(-2) mol/L methylene blue by angioscope [4].
  • The authors have examined 27 patients using a 2.7 mm diameter Olympus flexible angioscope and 9F sheath, following-up with a 4 mm balloon catheter (BARD) or SLT Nd-YAG laser [5].


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