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Urban Renewal

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High impact information on Urban Renewal

  • National evaluation of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant Program: study methods [1].
  • Both airborne lead and TSP varied significantly with the type of urban development [2].
  • Data for PM10 and TSP collected from SEDUE's (Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology) five principal air monitoring stations from March of 1988 to March of 1989 were analyzed with an emphasis on spatial and temporal distributions [3].
  • Sustainable urban development in Brisbane City--the Holy Grail [4]?
  • We review three case studies: recovery of dogwhelk populations after local extinction by tributyl tin leachates from anti-fouling paints; recovery of rocky shore communities from oil spills; and recovery of estuarine ecosystems from industrial and urban development [5].

Biological context of Urban Renewal

  • Examples of situations where the health dimensions are well known, such as with water quality, are provided from some 200 past World Bank projects in water supply, waste disposal, transportation, housing, urban development, and telecommunications, designed mainly by engineers and economists [6].


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