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Gene Review

RNF128  -  ring finger protein 128, E3 ubiquitin...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF128, FLJ23516, GRAIL, Gene related to anergy in lymphocytes protein, RING finger protein 128
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Disease relevance of RNF128


Psychiatry related information on RNF128

  • Yet the Holy Grail for this field--the discovery linkage between a chromosomal locus that is linked to a diseased gene--has thus far eluded us, whereas it has been grasped in such disorders as cystic fibrosis, Huntington's disease, and neurofibromatosis [6].
  • The development of an excellent mental health system at the national level or even the state or provincial jurisdiction resembles the search for the Holy Grail [7].

High impact information on RNF128


Chemical compound and disease context of RNF128


Biological context of RNF128


Anatomical context of RNF128


Associations of RNF128 with chemical compounds

  • For some 15 years the attainment of efficient, nonfluorinated CO2-active surfactants has been a Holy Grail for researchers spanning pure and applied chemical sciences [24].
  • Thus, the Holy Grail of steroid pharmacology is the development of agents which have a markedly improved therapeutic ratio than current steroids, especially on systemic administration [25].
  • Cortisol, DHEA, the Holy Grail and the fountain of youth [26].

Other interactions of RNF128


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RNF128


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