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Skull Fracture, Basilar

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Disease relevance of Skull Fracture, Basilar


High impact information on Skull Fracture, Basilar

  • These results indicate that transsphenoid basilar skull fractures occur along reproducible lines of weakness, including a coronal plane through the anterior sphenoid body and pterygoid plates, a coronal plane through the posterior sphenoid body and clivus, and the sphenopetrosal synchondrosis [4].
  • Traumatic chiasmal syndrome associated with midline basilar skull fractures [5].
  • This analysis showed that lateral impacts resulted in a significantly higher rate of serious injury (AIS greater than or equal to 4) than impacts to other regions (68% versus 46%, p less than 0.001) Lateral impacts yielded a higher rate of basilar skull fracture than impacts to other areas of the helmet (46% versus 18%, p less than 0.001) [6].


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