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Maize streak virus

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High impact information on Maize streak virus

  • In maize streak virus (MSV)-infected maize plants, approximately 80% of the complementary-sense transcripts produce the C1 protein, whilst the remaining 20% are spliced to remove a 92 nt intron and produce a C1:C2 fusion protein (Rep) [1].
  • The replication-associated protein (RepA) of Maize streak virus interacts in yeast with retinoblastoma-related protein (RBR), the negative regulator of cell-cycle progression [2].
  • We have shown previously that the movement protein (MP) and coat protein (CP) of Maize streak virus (MSV) are both required for systemic infection [3].
  • Agroinfection of Z. mays with maize streak virus using strains of A. tumefaciens carrying mutations in the pTiC58 virulence region showed an almost absolute dependence on the products of the bacterial virC genes [4].
  • The genomic replicative form DNAs (RF-DNA) of three maize streak virus isolates (MSV-CT, MSV-PE, and MSV-SW) from widely separated locations in southern Africa were characterized by restriction endonuclease mapping in order to assess the feasibility of using the technique to determine genetic variability between isolates [5].


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