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High impact information on Ctenophora

  • We propose the general term "coelenterate luciferin" to describe the light-producing chromophore from all bioluminescent coelenterates and ctenophores [1].
  • In an effort to understand the developmental and evolutionary organization of axial properties of ctenophores we have isolated a forkhead gene from the Brain Factor 1 (BF-1) family [2].
  • To obtain insight into these phylogenetic problems, we sequenced almost the entire nucleic acid sequence of elongation factor-1 alpha from a sponge, two cnidarians, a ctenophora, and a turbellarian [3].
  • Although the arsenic content in Beroe cucumis, which preys on Bolinopsis mikado, was more than 13 times that in B. mikado, the chromatograms of these two species were similar in the distribution pattern of arsenicals [4].
  • First record of encysted metacercariae in hydrozoan jellyfishes and ctenophores of the southern Atlantic [5].

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