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Gene Review

env  -  envelope polyprotein

Walleye dermal sarcoma virus

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Disease relevance of env

  • The WDSV genome contains three short open reading frames designated orfA, orfB, and orfC in addition to the viral structural genes, gag, pol, and env. orfA and orfB transcripts are detected in tumors by reverse transcription-PCR [1].
  • Rabbit polyclonal antiserum was generated against the 90-kd virus-associated antigen, presumably a product of the env gene, for immunohistochemical studies [2].

High impact information on env

  • Following the env gene are two nonoverlapping long open reading frames of 290 aa (orf-A) and 306 aa (orf-B), neither of which shows significant sequence similarity with known genes [3].
  • N-terminal sequencing of these allowed unambiguous assignment of the small polypeptides as products of the gag gene, including CA and NC, and the large polypeptide as the TM product of env [3].
  • Single-tube heminested PCR coupled with 'touchdown' PCR for the analysis of the walleye dermal sarcoma virus env gene [4].


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