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Mobility Limitation

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  • Only then did ambulatory difficulty, opisthotonus, and other advanced clinical sequelae of thiamine deficiency become evident, usually around day 18, followed by the appearance of focal histological lesions in the same distribution [2].
  • Poorer QOL as a whole among those with MS was associated with unemployment, MS symptoms of moderate or worse, fatigue, mobility limitations on stairs, a disease course other than stable, and was most strongly related to interference by MS in social activities [3].
  • BACKGROUND: Measures of maximal oxygen uptake (VO(2max)) are limited in disabled older adults, and measures of submaximal oxygen uptake (VO(2)) may better predict functional mobility limitations [4].
  • Multiple treatments of chlorpyrifos, terbufos, dichlorvos and dimethoate caused death after varying periods of increasing debility; although birds had difficulty walking, they did not display typical symptoms of OPIDN [5].


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