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Verbal Behavior

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Psychiatry related information on Verbal Behavior

  • The aim of this study is to establish whether the quality and quantity of verbal behavior, and the articulation and tonal quality of the voices of children with WBS differ from other children with nonspecific developmental disabilities [1].

High impact information on Verbal Behavior

  • Utilizing the Gottschalk-Gleser verbal behavior scales of Anxiety, Depression, Social Alienation-Personal Disorganization and Cognitive Impairment a significant correlation was revealed between low platelet MAO activity and high Total Anxiety scale and Shame Anxiety subscale scores [2].
  • The frequency of fathers' verbal behaviors was negatively related to SBP and positively related to HR during interaction [3].
  • The effects of oral d-amphetamine 5-30 mg on human social and verbal behavior were studied using repeated observations within subjects under a time-sampling observation procedure in a residential research ward. d-Amphetamine increased socializing in all three subjects studied, but only increased standing in one of the subjects [4].
  • As predicted, Whites' self-reported racial attitudes significantly predicted bias in their verbal behavior to Black relative to White confederates [5].
  • In addition, mothers who abused cocaine engaged in significantly more verbal behavior (F(2,104) = 7.00, p < .001) with their children than mothers of nonexposed children [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of Verbal Behavior

  • Assessments are based on Hill Interaction Matrix (HIM) analysis of the style and content of marital partners' verbal behavior during the assessions [7].

Gene context of Verbal Behavior

  • The present study assessed the frequency and patterns of play duration and verbal behavior of medicated attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) boys in an initial social encounter with a normal, same-age peer [8].
  • Verbal behavior measures were total words per interviewee response, mean segmental TTR (25), partial mean segmental TTR (25), and ratio of disfluency per response [9].
  • Maternal verbal behavior and the acceptance of child factor (HOME), both favoring singletons, correlated with MDI (R-square = 0.46, P < 0.0002) [10].


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