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Cerebrospinal fluid prolactin: a reflection of abnormal prolactin secretion in patients with pituitary tumors.

Cerebrospinal fluid prolactin levels were determined in 33 patients with pituitary disease, 3 pregnant women at term and 30 control subjects. Prolactin which was immunologically similar to the human prolactin standard was detected by radioimmunoassay in the CSF of most of these subjects. Elevated serum and CSF PRL concentrations were found in three pregnant subjects and in twelve patients with putuitary tumors. Ten patients with pituitary tumors had serum PRL concentrations greater than their corresponding CSF PRL levels. A significant correlation was noted between the elevated serum and CSF prolactin levels in the twelve hyperprolactinemic patients which suggested that the CSF prolactin concentration was influenced by the serum PRL level. Two patients with pituitary tumor however, had CSF prolactin concentrations higher than their serum levels, which suggested that direct secretion of prolactin from the tumor to the CSF can also occur. Three patients with chromophobe adenomas had normal serum PRL concentrations and elevated CSF prolactin levels which differentiated them from fifteen patients with the primary empty sella syndrome who had normal serum and CSF prolactin levels. The finding of normal CSF prolactin levels in the primary empty sella patients argues against the postulate that the diaphragma sellae significantly influences CSF pituitary peptide concentrations.[1]


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