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Pregnant Women

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Gene context of Pregnant Women

  • In vivo analysis of decidual lymphocytes isolated from cytomegalovirus-infected (CMV-infected) pregnant women revealed a dramatic increase in the expression of CEACAM1 [33].
  • Pure severe preeclamptic patients in their third trimester showed a significant increase in both antigenic (136 ng/mL) and functional (5.76 U/mL) type 1 PAI (PAI-1) as compared with normal third-trimester pregnant women (34.8 ng/mL and 2.57 U/mL, respectively) [34].
  • Only 1 of 15 sera from pregnant women (chorionic gonadotropin > 1000 ng/ml) was positive in the NCA 50/90 ELISA, suggesting that this method does not detect pregnancy-specific glycoprotein [35].
  • In contrast to Vdelta2(+) lymphocytes from healthy pregnant women, those from women with pathological pregnancies do not recognize HLA-E via their killer-inhibitory receptors and this might account for their high cytotoxic activity [36].
  • We investigated the desensitization of native CRH-R in human myometrial cells from pregnant women and recombinant CRH-R1alpha stably overexpressed in human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pregnant Women


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