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An experimental marker vaccine and accompanying serological diagnostic test both based on envelope glycoprotein E2 of classical swine fever virus (CSFV).

Envelope glycoprotein E2 is the most immunogenic protein of classical swine fever virus (CSFV). In a proposed model of the antigenic structure of E2, the N-terminal half of E2 forms two independent structural antigenic units, A and BC. E2 without transmembrane region (E2-TMR) is expressed and secreted into the medium of insect cells by use of the baculovirus expression system. The immune response induced by E2 protects pigs against CSFV. Recently, we showed that the protective immune response to a homologous CSFV challenge can be induced by a single unit, A or BC, of E2. An indirect blocking ELISA, or complex trapping blocking assay (CTB) based on both units is routinely used worldwide for serological diagnosis of CSFV infections. Here we show that E2-TMR is secreted into the medium as a homodimer. This E2 homodimer was used to develop a CTB detecting antibodies directed against one immunogenic unit of E2. Thus, the protective immune response induced by E2 containing one unit was not detected with a modified CTB based on the other unit, whereas immune responses induced by a variety of low virulent CSFV strains were detected with such a modified CTB. These results indicate that a deletion E2 protein in combination with a modified CTB are feasible as CSF marker vaccine and accompanying differentiating diagnostic test.[1]


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