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Analysis of 148 kb of genomic DNA around the wnt1 locus of Fugu rubripes.

The analysis of the sequence of approximately 150 kb of a genomic region corresponding to the wnt1 gene of the Japanese pufferfish Fugu rubripes confirms the compact structure of the genome. Fifteen genes were found in this region, and 26.6% of the analyzed sequence is coding sequence. With an average intergenic distance of <5 kb, this gene density is comparable to that of Caenorhabditis elegans. The compactness of this region corresponds to the reduction of the overall size of the genome, consistent with the conclusion that the gene number in Fugu and human genomes is approximately the same. Eight of the genes have been mapped in the human genome and all of them are found in the chromosomal band 12q13, indicating a high degree of synteny in both species, Fugu and human. Comparative sequence analysis allows us to identify potential regulatory elements for wnt1 and ARF3, which are common to fish and mammals.[1]


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