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Manganese in gasoline. Council on Scientific Affairs, American Medical Association.

This report responds to a resolution that asked the American Medical Association (AMA) to take action to reduce potential health risks from the use of methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) in gasoline. Information for this report was derived from a search of the MEDLINE database and references listed in pertinent articles, as well as through communications with medical and public health experts. Based on this information, the AMA Council on Scientific Affairs determined that there is insufficient scientific evidence to assess the public health impact of MMT use. While limited evidence indicates that general-population exposures to manganese from the use of MMT in gasoline are low, more research is needed to determine possible health effects from long-term, low-dose exposures to MMT and its combustion products. Until such data are available, educational and informational strategies should be developed to improve public awareness of the health and environmental issues surrounding MMT use.[1]


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