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American Medical Association

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  • DATA COLLECTION: The SMS survey is an annual telephone survey conducted by the American Medical Association of approximately one percent of nonfederal, post-residency U.S. physicians [12].
  • Huang et al. described compliance of IVF websites against the American Medical Association online health information guidelines and reported that IVF websites scored poorly [13].
  • Impairment ratings according to a modification of the system of the American Medical Association correlated strongly with the performance of functional tasks (r = 0.57) as well as the patients' reported activity limitations as recorded on the Sickness Impact Profile (r = 0.55) [14].
  • METHODS: Data from both print and electronic issues of The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) were analyzed for sources of funding, areas of investigation, conflict of interest (COI), and presentation of results [15].
  • The forms and guidelines to request new codes or changes to procedure code descriptors are currently located on the American Medical Association website in the "CPT Process" section ( pub/category/3112.html) [16].


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