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Correlation between structural variation and activity of murine kidney beta-galactosidase: implications for genetic control.

Two closely linked regulatory genes have been reported to control activity levels of beta-galactosidases in murine tissues. The specific effects of these genes on murine glycolipid metabolism have not been elucidated. A/HeJ kidney 4-methylumbelliferyl-beta-galactosidase exhibited lower thermostability than the corresponding C57BL/6J and SWR/J enzymes. This altered response to heat segregated with the Bgsh allele among progeny derived from backcrosses of F1 (A/HeJ; SWR/J) mice to the respective parental strains. Restriction of the heat-sensitive A/HeJ beta-galactosidase to kidney tissue suggests that it is not determined by the Bgs locus, since the latter appears to be expressed in all tissues. More likely, the Bgs region of chromosome 9 contains a gene cluster consisting of a number of regulatory and structural loci. The proposed structural genes share affinity for the artificial substrates commonly employed for their assay but may differ in their relative affinities for glycosphingolipid substrates. Presence of the Bgsh allele results in an increase of kidney GM1-ganglioside-beta-galactosidase; however, galactosylceramide-beta-galactosidase appears unaffected by this allele.[1]


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