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Improved reporter strain for monitoring Cre recombinase-mediated DNA excisions in mice.

Effective use of conditional Cre recombinase-loxP gene modification requires Cre-expressing mouse strains with defined patterns of expression. To assess the in vivo functionality of Cre-expressing mice, we have engineered an improved reporter strain for monitoring Cre-mediated excisions. The beta-galactosidase-neomycin phosphotransferase fusion gene (betageo)-trapped ROSA26 locus was modified by gene targeting such that betageo is expressed only after Cre-mediated excision of loxP-flanked DNA sequences. betageo from the excised ROSA26 allele is expressed ubiquitously in embryos and adult mice. By mating the reporter strain with Cre-expressing transgenic mice, we have shown that the loxP-flanked ROSA26 allele is accessible to Cre during early embryogenesis, as well as in a specific hematopoietic lineage (T lymphocytes). This improved reporter strain should facilitate monitoring in vivo Cre-mediated excision events in a variety of experimental contexts.[1]


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