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The NKR-P1B gene product is an inhibitory receptor on SJL/J NK cells.

The mouse NKR-P1 family includes at least three genes: NKR-P1A, -B, -C. Neither surface expression nor function of the NKR-P1B gene product has previously been shown. Here, we demonstrate that the SJL/J allele of the NKR-P1B gene product is expressed on SJL/J NK cells, and is recognized by PK136 mAb. Interestingly, the same mAb does not recognize the NKR-P1B gene product of C57BL/6. We have also generated a novel mAb, 1C10, that recognizes an activation receptor on SJL/J NK cells. Activation of the NKR-P1B receptor- inhibited 1C10 mAb induced redirected lysis and recruited SHP-1, indicating that NKR-P1B is an inhibitory receptor. Therefore, the mouse NKR-P1 gene family, like the Ly49 family, includes both activation and inhibitory receptors.[1]


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