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Calcium-binding proteins: differential expression in the rat olfactory cortex after neonatal olfactory bulbectomy.

Calbindin, parvalbumin, and calretinin, members of EF-hand calcium-binding proteins, play important roles in buffering intracellular calcium ions. These proteins are localized in distinct populations of cells in the olfactory bulb (the primary sensory relay in the olfactory system) and its major synaptic target, the primary olfactory cortex (POC). In the present study, the postnatal expression of these calcium-binding proteins in layer III of POC was quantitatively examined 30 days after neonatal bulbectomy, a manipulation known to cause cell death and neurotransmitter changes. The numbers of both calbindin and parvalbumin-immunoreactive profiles showed significant increases (68% and 163%, respectively), while calretinin-immunoreactive profiles exhibited a 46% reduction. The data demonstrate that the expression of these calcium-binding proteins is regulated in part by the afferent input from the olfactory bulb. Furthermore, the resultant increase in calbindin and parvalbumin expression may provide neuroprotective support necessitated by possible alterations in intracellular calcium ions and other neurochemical factors that accompany neonatal bulb removal.[1]


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